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Amanda Hurley is an editor, proofreader, translator and writer,

based in Saalfeld, Germany. 

She is a masthead editor for the online literary journals Intrepidus Ink and Headland and first reader for Uncharted and Funicular.

Born in New Zealand, Amanda has worked her way around the globe in a variety of newsrooms including: The Daily Telegraph in London, England; Radio New Zealand in both Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand; and Melbourne Independent Newspapers in Melbourne, Australia. 


She also has extensive experience in communications and has worked as a freelancer for a variety of clients including: Antipodes New Zealand, Print New Zealand and Seashell Communications.


Since relocating to Germany in 2009, Amanda has established herself as a freelance translator (German to English), with clients as diverse as regional and local councils, tourism operators, and private businesses.

She is also a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language and the project coordinator for the Youth Media Team Beulwitz, Radio SRB.

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Recent Publications

There’s a gap in the curtains through which the sun streams and you have angled yourself so that your body is spread out in the patch of warming light and you have let your eyes close against its brightness and there’s a sheet partially covering your back and partially not.

The Baker
Amaranth Journal

It‟s to the pies of his youth that he returns tonight in the silent apartment, calculating weights of flour, salt, a sprinkling of sugar. As if childhood were a preserve that could be bottled and kept, stored airtight in a musty corner of the pantry.
Amaranth Journal - Issue 1, Volume 2.jpg






 Tel:0049 15735 101 857

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