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"Amanda Hurley was a great help in translating our tourism website. Even complex text modules and subject areas were
no problem for her. We would work with her again anytime!"

Yvonne Wagner, Managing Director
Saalfelder Feengrotten und Tourismus GmbH 
"Due to her excellent knowledge of German,
as a native English speaker,
Amanda was able to translate demanding texts perfectly into contemporary English."

Peter Lahann, Manager Media and Culture
Saalfeld-Rudolstadt Regional Council
"As a native speaker, Amanda not only mastered the appropriate translation into English, but also the cultural classification.
Her quick and direct familiarisation with our content management system also saved us the duplication of work that would otherwise have been necessary.

We will always involve Ms. Hurley in our future projects."
Matthias Gropp, Managing Director
TourismusRegion Rennsteig-Schwarzatal e.V.
Municipal Working Group Rennsteig-Schwarzatal
Stadthalle Bad Blankenburg BGmbH


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Harry dangles a hand in the water, it’s tepid to the touch. Tepid, she thinks. Now there’s a word not designed to inspire confidence. Like insipid. Or moist. A half-word, one that can’t fully commit. Te-pid, she tries the two syllables out again in her mind. Lukewarm. Warm-ish. Barely warm at all.
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